Wil-Check Private Locating LLC . Primary goals are to locate, educate and protect the private facility's on residential and commercial property's. 

While protecting the safety of the public .

With 28 years working in the Utility Industry and 20 years of locating for one of the top locating company's in the United States.  I have worked with all major utilities in WI, Oil fields in Texas, Google Fiber project in Kansas City and Missouri. Also locating for the major utilities in Illinois,Michigan,Oklahoma, Georgia and Colorado.

I have found most homeowners and business owners are unaware of their responsibility to have the private utilities on their property located before

any digging is to take place. After calling 811, people are under the assumption that all facilities are cleared to begin work.  

What happens through the process of making the 811 call, is private utilities are not located under 811 Free Call. ( Public Utilities are only Located)

Which leaves the private utilities unprotected .This usually is not discovered until a contractor, a piece of equipment or help to do a project has arrived on site. In turn costs begin to accumulate ,time is wasted and a project could be delayed. The possibility of not knowing what private facilities are on your property can lead to expensive insurance cost and serious injury to who ever will be digging.

So when making the One Call before you dig.  Make a second call to Wil-Check private locating llc to get your private facilities located.


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